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Since you said you like the Web2.0 style, your logo is the blue shiney marble on the left. I can make it orange if you like. Shall I add a drop shadow?


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BBC offers television series via P2P

UK Broadcaster BBC starts offering hundreds of episodes from television series via p2p sites in cooperation with Azureus. Azureus developed the needed Zudeo software. BBC said it hopes to reach an even wider audience that way. Most of BBC programs offered via p2p at the moment are illegal.

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Why Pixelotto is not going to work II

The milliondollarhomepage was a huge succes. I like people who do things on the web which seem to be outrageous like a few years back and the guy who changed a red paperclip for something else till he got himself the house he wanted. The milliondollarhomepage was such an idea. I was fun to see it develope, and read about Alex Tew’s quest for a million in his blog.  So far, so good.  With Pixelotto  it’s different.  First of all  the site is way too slow and clicking isn’t fun anymore – at least not when you are logged in. I tried it for a few days and wrote about some interesting sites that were advertising there, like the e-tuktuk project, but there aren’t that many interesting things to click on. Most of the advertisers are stupid money making schemes. So I stopped clicking and I guess I’m not the only one. But maybe far more important is that now it is simply a business. With the milliondollarhomepage Alex shared his thoughts on almost a daily basis. By leaving that out this time, he broke his own rules. What is left is the thought that selling pixels on a website is a good business idea. And it simply isn’t.


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Oh dear. Anyone noticing a trend? Would a bit of Adwords help? Or is it all over for pixelotto? I’d help the guy with a smart idea if I had one.


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Fresh tips for becoming a professional blogger.

Tip 1: do something original, write in Chinese. Then optimize your search words. Take them from a Chinese restaurant’s menu. That should do the trick. Chinese is a niche, man. And it’s big. So get your piece of the cake now 🙂

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What is in a name?

The inhabitants of the Swedish village Fjuckby for a name change. Their argument is that Fjuckby is to close to ‘fuck’ and the Swedish word ‘juck’ which has the same meaning.
They claim that is practically impossible to sell land, or start a business in Fjuckby. The government argues that if Fjuckby is allowed a name change, other villages like Anusviken, Arslet and Dicken will also apply.

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I allready said so yesterday: I entered a new world. I’ts the world were a 12 letter post on a forum is called ‘content’ and will cost you 8 to 10 cents. I am still amazed by this.

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