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Ti amo

Do you know how many ‘ti amo’s’ there are in the official songtext of ‘ti amo’? Only a dissapojnting 19. Even in Howard Carpendale’s German translation there are 26. I could swere there were more than a 100 ‘ti amo’s’ in the origianal version. How wrong you can be…


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Pixelotto is not going to work

I know I wrote here before that I thought that Alex Tew would succeed in filling his pixelotto grid this time, but wouldn’t be able to do it again. But I thought about it some more and changed my mind. It’s not going to work. The web newsvine did it’s work and that brought Alex 142.800 Bucks so far (which I consider to be quite an accomplishment). From now on attention will decrease – and no Alex, an adwords campaign is not going to help. Different this time is that there is practically no attention from the traditional media. Those still reach a far greater audience than the webmedia do. I know this is a bit of an old fashioned statement. It is true though.

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What is in a name?

The inhabitants of the Swedish village Fjuckby for a name change. Their argument is that Fjuckby is to close to ‘fuck’ and the Swedish word ‘juck’ which has the same meaning.
They claim that is practically impossible to sell land, or start a business in Fjuckby. The government argues that if Fjuckby is allowed a name change, other villages like Anusviken, Arslet and Dicken will also apply.

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What happened to pixelotto?

When I just performed my daily pixelotto click-yourself-to-a-million duty, I noticed a lot of ads didn’t show anymore. Were they gone? Did Alex take them out? It appeared, after logging in, that the ads I already clicked on were unvisible to me when I was not logged in. But some ads have actually been taken out. Amongst them most of the silly moneymaking schemes a complained about a few days ago. What is going to happen to the spaces that are now again empty? Will they be sold again?


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digi shrink

Yesterday I wrote about Sigmund 2.0. Today I am telling you how it will work: It will give you a short analysis of who you are on the basis of you google searches or your technorati – or other – tags. I hope it will be online by the end of januari 07. Just for the fun of it. No more psychology but psygooglogy. The new and improved web 2.0 version of Freudianism.

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Sigmund 2.0

I mentionned Sigmund 2.0 yesterday. And he is coming soon. Sigmund will be your online psychiatrist. Your digi-shrink 🙂 Just wait and see, I’ll keep you posted.

Oh, and Sigmund will be nothing like Eliza. Sigmund will provide you with real-time analasys, not answer questions with a question.

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