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Hi. Here’s my concept. Hope you like it. Everything can be changed. Just let me know.


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Since you said you like the Web2.0 style, your logo is the blue shiney marble on the left. I can make it orange if you like. Shall I add a drop shadow?

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Ti amo

Do you know how many ‘ti amo’s’ there are in the official songtext of ‘ti amo’? Only a dissapojnting 19. Even in Howard Carpendale’s German translation there are 26. I could swere there were more than a 100 ‘ti amo’s’ in the origianal version. How wrong you can be…

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iPhone 2

I read a lot of people nagging about the iPhone already. I should have had more of this, it lacks that and so one. I think they are a bunch of stupid wankers. Never had an original thought in their life, but always there to talk crap about other people’s ideas. It is not important if 4 or even 8 gigabyte isn’t enough or that the battery should last 8 hours instead of 5, you morons! Those are details. That can be improved later if it appears to be a real problem, the first iPod was a toy compared to the iPod you can buy now. The only one thing that is really important about the iPhone is the amazing touch screen user interface. There has never been anything better and there won’t be for a long time. People will love. People will eventually refuse to use anything else.

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You don’t need one. But you want one. That’s understandable. If you don’t want to wait get a paper dummy here. Enjoy.

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