Af few days ago the Times wrote that the founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, is planning on building a search engine. In my opinion, we don’t need another search engine. We have Google which works fine for me. The smarter you search, the better results you get and I can decide for myself which results I need and which I don’t. Mr. Wales Wikiasari, as he calls it, doesn’t work that way. In Wikiasari, I get results which are approved of by Mr. Wales  ‘community of trust’ (the Wikipedians). That means other people decide which results they will show me and which they are going to hide from me. I think this is a bad thing and Mr. Wales ‘community of trust’ sounds like a fucking religious cult to me. I don’t want other people to decide for me what is good or bad. I want to decide that for myself. I don’t want the Überwiki and his Wikipedians to show me the way. Especially not when he and his followers as he calls them (how pompous can you get) ,  get millions of dollars from Amazon to lead me. Mr. Wales, I will not follow you because I don’t trust you. I will keep on googling till I drop.


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  1. Other aspects of Wikipedia’s history are vividly described but lack discerning intellectual treatment. Lih sheds little light on the “routinization” of the charismatic and ultimately benevolent authority of Jimmy Wales, how that authority evolved into a vast bureaucratic apparatus with a Kafkaesque system of rules. And while Lih notes user ambivalence toward voting, he leaves it largely unexplained. The attitude seems to have grown from an earlier Wiki culture developed by Meatball Wiki, one of the projects preceding and inspiring Wikipedia. The meatballers saw voting as an unnecessary distraction. “Don’t vote on everything, and if you can help it, don’t vote on anything,” read one page on the site.

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