Majority of Germans would like their ‘mark’ back

According to a survey conducted by the German magazine Stern, almost 60 percent of the Germans would like to see their currency – the Euro – replaced by the goold old Deutschmark. They blame the Euro for things getting all expensive. More than 30 percent still calculate prices in Deutschmark.



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2 responses to “Majority of Germans would like their ‘mark’ back

  1. Micheal

    that’s pretty sad. do these people understand economics?

    compete or become obsolete.

    too many politicians pointing the finger at Brussels.

    and the prices WERE raised on changeover. by unscrupulous shopowners taking advantage of the difference. Blame whomever you like, I think the euro is fantastic for europe, and we have to take our heads out of the sand if we are to match India and China in the years ahead. France and Germany are lacking in entrepreneurial spirit in particular, and need to think of competing in global markets.

  2. I think I can agree with that more or less…

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