What happened to pixelotto?

When I just performed my daily pixelotto click-yourself-to-a-million duty, I noticed a lot of ads didn’t show anymore. Were they gone? Did Alex take them out? It appeared, after logging in, that the ads I already clicked on were unvisible to me when I was not logged in. But some ads have actually been taken out. Amongst them most of the silly moneymaking schemes a complained about a few days ago. What is going to happen to the spaces that are now again empty? Will they be sold again?



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4 responses to “What happened to pixelotto?

  1. Yup interesting. So creative…NOT…Any ways please check out my Christmas Tag website at http://www.christmastag.co.nr

  2. Pixelotto Script domain name http://www.pixelottoscript.com is for sale at Ebay.

  3. Thanks for the info Pixelotto Script. Can you wire me the 45 Dollar Ad costs for that remark?

  4. http://www.pixelotto.com.au script coming soon .. My 45 bucks is in the post .. ta very much!

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