And what are people doing on the internet nowadays besides clicking on pixels to be a millionaire, blogging for money and googling for Britney? They do a dance, film it and put it on video.google or youtube. Like this one. Jumpen they call it. Some can also duojump 🙂 It looks cool I think. I wish I could do it. Maybe I should learn.



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2 responses to “Jumpen

  1. Did you see that Alex has lost 5,000 bucks today? Also, the ad at the bottom is now shooting the bird!! LOL I guess no one is watching the store.

  2. Yes I did see that. I stopped clicking for the time beeing, the site is way to slow at the moment, so it is no fun now I think. Just wait till Sigmund goes online, then we are going to have some fun.

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