Agloco – own the internet

OMG! Another scheme to make money doing nothing. I don’t think this will work. Similar things have been tried before, the dutch internetprovider Raketnet for instance: when people would dial in through there number, they would get surfing points, and for those surfing-points you got shares of the company. Raketnet’s shares didn’t get very valuable and the Agloco shares won’t either. Waste of time in my opinion. Oh, in case you wondered: I found it on the pixelotto site, next to the other get rich quick schemes.



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4 responses to “Agloco – own the internet

  1. I DO believer in the future of AGLOCO.

    It’s only natural, that there are a lot of sceptics, when something like AGLOCO turns up on the Internet.

    You must remember, that AGLOCO is run by the same people that ran AllAdvantage back in 1999/2000. AllAdvantage had more than 10 Million members, and paid out over $100 Million US dollars. Unfortunately AllAdvantage could not survive the dot-com-burst in ’99, but today, 7 years later, the fundementals for a business like AGLOCO is certainly present.

    You find more information about AGLOCO here:

    Best Regards,
    Boris Lindinger

  2. “Unfortunately AllAdvantage could not survive the dot-com-burst in ‘99”

    You are so right. So why would it be different this time?

  3. Well the points you raise are very valid points. I’ve decided to create a website to chronicle the growth of an AGLOCO network using daily. Let’s see if it will really work… my site is


  4. Now that is interesting. I’ll bookmark that.

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