sockboy is doing it again

O nein, geht das wieder los!

milliondollarhomepage und
Wird er das nochmal schaffen?
Und wieviele werden es ihm diesmal versuchen nach zu machen?



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3 responses to “sockboy is doing it again

  1. Hello, My name is R U Stupid. I have $200.00 for advertising and I want Alex to get half so he can watch stupid people like me have the other 50% go to someone like my neighbor who is clicking on all the icons but does not even look at the site. Before the homepages come up he is on the next site clicking to the next. I don’t think anyone will look at my site. And I am on the corner of 3rd and Grant. How will anyone come by my store? What have I done. Have you done this too?


    R. U. Stupid, II

  2. No I have not. I’m stupid enough to click on the ads though hoping to win a million 🙂

  3. how do I get this post with all the others????

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